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 Retracing Steps May or May Not Be a Wise Idea

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PostSubject: Retracing Steps May or May Not Be a Wise Idea   Mon Mar 26, 2012 2:58 pm

Helga needed to get out of the building. She wanted not to be enclosed by walls so often. She wanted the peace and quiet warranted by a lack of people. She recalled easily the way to the falls. Arriving there, she settled herself in a bit of concealed rock and undergrowth. If someone else came to the same area, she wanted to have the tactical advantage, and not the part of the surprised damsel.

She sat placidly for a moment. She didn't know many of the others, having held conversations with only a few of them. They probably thought her to be cold. Let them.

Still, it was rather lonely playing the part of the stand-offish enigma. Helga found herself wishing slightly for someone to come to the falls, with whom she could converse, then scolded herself for acting so childish.

She leaned back against a rock, surveying her surroundings.
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Retracing Steps May or May Not Be a Wise Idea
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